Summer Pool Party

This past Friday, we celebrated my graduation from UT, and Riley and Jacob’s high school graduations, with a pool party. Our place was in tip-top shape with a manicured yard, crystal-clear pool, and freshly painted tables and chairs.

Riley and Jacob invited many friends and family members, but I was happy to see just my closest friends and spend some quality time together. Madi and Jennie were both able to stop by after work and we enjoyed good food and laughs together.

My playlist was fire and the adults at the party were big fans. Having everyone together and enjoying our pool area made me want to host another mystery party. I’m already plotting the theme, guest list, and menu!

Dad took a trip to the store before the party and was taking his time, frustrating mom since the partygoers were about to arrive… then he came home and surprised her with these beautiful succulents and hanging pots of flowers. It was so sweet and such a great idea.

It was so much fun to see my friends and all of Jacob and Riley’s friends! I enjoyed everyone’s company and all the conversations we had. I can’t wait to have more people over and make the most of the summer.

When in Rome

You know those stories you hear from travelers that you just can’t believe? The ones that sound like they came straight out of a movie?…

Where strangers open their doors and their hearts, where you let down your guard, embrace the unknown, try amazing foods, and drink wine with the people who became like family in a matter of days… I have the best news – those moments exist!

I’ve traveled all around Europe, but I never experienced this feeling until I went to Rome. Italy is everything they say it is; all the stereotypes are true. The mopeds zipping between the cars, the abundant pastas, sandwiches, and gelato, and the Italians yelling at one another in their unmistakable Italiano voices. It was everything I had hoped for, if not more.